Lorraine Martin • Jeanette Cronin Make-up Artist

Lorraine Martin

My name is Lorraine Martin and I did the Jeanette Cronin course in 2019.

I already had some elements of beauty but I wanted to be able to offer my clients the full package when they visit my salon hence my desire to Up skill to a professional level.

Jeanette’s course was the only course I researched as her name and reputation within the makeup industry speaks for itself.

I remember my first morning being so nervous but Jeanette immediately dismissed those nerves and made me fall completely in love with makeup. Her teaching skills, her personality and her passion for her industry is quite simply amazing and I never wanted the course to end!

Jeanette has taught me everything I know from start to finish and I now run my own column on my salon floor and I’m no longer afraid! I love every minute of my makeovers.

If your thinking of doing Jeanette’s Courses my advice is; Do It, Do It Now, You Won’t Regret It, Ever! 

Thank You Jeanette!

Lorraine Martin
Revo Hair & Beauty