Joanne Sexton • Jeanette Cronin Make-up Artist

Joanne Sexton

I entered in to the make up world in 2018 and began my training with Jeanette. I never put a make up brush near anyone else’s face except by own prior to this so naturally enough I was so nervous. I was looking up make up courses and a lot of them were just too long for me. I wanted something that didn’t take years to complete but still had a high standard. I followed Jeanette on social media and heard her talking about the new VTCT course she was launching and honestly it was exactly what I wanted. The course was spread out over 12 weeks which is exactly what I was looking for and a kit worth €1000 was included. Literally ideal. 

The course was very practical, really hands on. We also had to complete a portfolio and answer questions but we did a little bit of theory every week and by week 12 it was only a matter of putting everything together which was a massive advantage. 

The course was unbelievable. We started off week one with brows, everything was broken down in to small pieces and once we all felt comfortable with each step we would then move on. We would get homework every week to do at least 3 different people. By week 12 it was just a matter of combining everything we had learned and practiced together. We had a group chat on Whatsapp so any questions we had were answered within minutes! So helpful. By week 4 the shaking in my hand from nerves eventually stopped  

The course is really like building blocks. Jeanette shows and talks you through the make up  in the demo, then you do it and I really found the more mistakes I made the more confident I was getting. Jeanette would tell you where you went wrong or show you what you could have done different and then you know how to avoid the same mistake in the future and more importantly how to fix it if it does happen again. Another massive advantage of the course was working on real people with different skin types and eye shapes every week and honestly what you learn from each person is invaluable. It really is how you learn. 

I shadowed (pestered) Jeanette on loads of weddings and Saturdays when she was back to back with make overs and every ounce of knowledge and experience she has gained over the years is the foundation of her VTCT course. She lets nothing out. Nothing. 

For me, the course was the best thing I ever did. I was so nervous starting out that I would get myself in to such a panic and Jeanette (all 5ft 3 of her) was there with her famous words ‘’Joanne it’s make up. You can take it off, you’ll be grand. Now go on.” It’s exactly what I needed. The less you think about and the more you just do it the better. I’m now a self employed make up artist and I absolutely adore what I do. I’d never be here without Jeanette and her course. 

Jeanette becomes your friend first, then your educator. Honestly, if Carlsberg did a make up course, this would be it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️