Aoife O’Sullivan • Jeanette Cronin Make-up Artist

Aoife O’Sullivan

My name is Aoife O’Sullivan. I attended Jeanettes 12 week VCTC training course in Summer of 2019. I have always been obsessed with makeup and when I decided I wanted to be a makeup artist I immediately went online and began searching makeup courses in Ireland. Jeanettes name popped up everywhere and the reviews of her course spoke for themselves so I took the plunge and invested in the course and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Jeanette has such a in depth passion for makeup and was so hands-on throughout the whole course. She ensured no one completed each day without being confident that they had learned a new skill to perfection. Doing the course grew my makeup knowledge, skills and most importantly confidence. My favourite part about the whole course was meeting people with the same passions and goals as myself and also creating lifelong friends. Not only is Jeanette such an amazing teacher and mentor, but she genuinely has such an interest in each student and will be there for you whenever you need her even after the course is complete! 

If you are an aspiring makeup artist or someone looking to get a more in depth knowledge into makeup, I could not recommend choosing Jeanette enough. From my experience, not only did I have a great time for the duration of the course but left with makeup experience and skills that I’m proud of!