Make-Up Course Polished Bundle – Modules 1-3


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This pack includes Modules 1-3 which cover Brows, Skin and Natural Makeup and Soft Glam. 

Each module includes downloadable PDFs of product recommendations and worksheets to help  you to understand each technique fully. All learners are welcome to join my Private IG Group  where I will hold a monthly Live Q&A where we all catch up with one another. You can use the DM  feature to send me your pictures and videos of your practice as you do your modules so I can  give you feedback to help you on your journey. I get back to all DMs weekly.


Do you have a makeup bag full of products you have no idea how to use?!  Would you like to learn how to perfect your makeup from the comfort of your own home? Would you like to be more confident buying makeup in the future? 

My Polished Course (modules 1-3) is the gift that keeps on giving!  

It covers all fundamentals to create natural, polished perfection while still looking like YOU! 

  • How to create a brow shape that lifts and frames your face  
  • How to choose a brow product and technique to suit you 
  • How to identify your skin type  
  • How to choose complexion products to suit you 
  • How to make your base last 
  • How to deal with texture on the skin 
  • Colour correcting for dark circles  
  • Bronzing, contouring and highlighting to make the most of your face shape • How to line your lips like a pro 
  • Daytime makeup – polished and natural 
  • Evening makeup – soft glam 
  • How to create a soft blend on the eye 
  • How to apply pigment on the lid 
  • How to create a soft smokey liner  
  • How to apply false lashes 
  • Brush recommendations 
  • Eyeshadow Palette recommendations 
  • Complexion Product recommendations 
  • How to clean your brushes