Make-Up Course Pro Bundle – Modules 1-12

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This is the full package. The PRO pack – all 12 modules. This is everything I have every learned all in one place. This pack is aimed at professionals wanting to upskill or those who would like to become makeup artists one day. That being said, some of you out there might not want to do makeup as a career, so if you are makeup obsessed and would like to know all of these techniques just for fun then this is the pack for you too.

All the modules are building blocks to the next one as they get more advanced bit by bit. This is for all of you who want to know it all. By doing it in sequence this way and using the worksheets, regardless of your experience, by the time you get to the advanced looks towards the end it should make complete sense.

Each module includes downloadable PDFs of product recommendations and worksheets to help you to understand each technique fully.  Learners are welcome to join my Private Facebook and Instagram Groups where we have an amazing community of learners. I hold weekly Q&A’s every Thursday evening where I answer any questions you might have.  I also show any new products or techniques I might have picked up too. You can share your work with me and the rest of the community if you so wish. You can use the DM feature on the private instagram page to stay in touch with me personally for feedback and guidance throughout your training.

All learners who complete the Pro course will receive a Certificate of Attendance with myself upon proof of completion of each module. Those who sign up for the Glam or Pro packs have the option to go for accreditation through my partners KMK. After you sign up you will be given a link to sign up for the accreditation process. This is an additional €50 which is paid to KMK. To gain accreditation you must submit 5 case studies and pass their Health and Safety course. This accreditation is with CPD and will ensure that you can work worldwide as a qualified MUA and be eligible for insurance.