Virginia Foley • Jeanette Cronin Make-up Artist

Virginia Foley

I recently did one of Jeanette’s online courses and I have to say I did think it was going to be for people who wanted to be professional makeup artists but I though sure I’ll probably learn something so I’ll do it but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve actually learned and how much I’ve been able to apply since. There’s been items hiding in my makeup bag that I had no idea how to use properly. The biggest thing I’ve learned is the technique of how to approach different looks that you’re trying to create so I would highly recommend the course if you’re out there and you just need a little bit of an upgrade in doing your makeup. I was probably guilty of being stuck in the late 90’s, kind of doing the same things to my face all the time with the same colours but yet admiring the new techniques and the new types of makeup looks that were going on around me. I just felt a bit overwhelmed on how I could apply them to my face but Jeanette has really broken them down in a very simple way so I have a much better understanding of what I need to be doing, and the products and brushes I need to be buying and using. I can highly recommend this to anyone who might be in the same boat wondering if its for them.