Norma Cronin • Jeanette Cronin Make-up Artist

Norma Cronin

As Jeanette’s Mom, I had the role of viewing each module as she created in and as she said herself  – if I could understand them, then anyone could! When I would put on my makeup, I’d be lucky if it lasted an hour and my makeup bag was a disgrace! So I had to sit and watch all of these videos as she was making them. Some were over two hours long. I couldn’t believe how much they held me. I found it fascinating. I could actually follow it! I found it so clear. It made so much sense when it was broken down. As a thank you for being her guinea pig, Jeanette brought be down some makeup to be practicing with. I had an occasion not long after and I followed along with the module she had me model for – Mature makeup. I did such a good job I had to take a photo of myself to send onto her I looked so well! I had never taken a picture of myself in my life. My makeup lasted all day and evening and I felt amazing. If was the first time ever that I was able to do it myself and it lasted. Don’t worry about what age you are. I’m 68 and had no experience whatsoever. It really is so simple as it’s all broken down in stages. I have all my sister’s doing it now too. I love having the videos there whenever I go to do my makeup. It’s like she’s there in the room with me holding my hand. It was so lovely to be a part of it. I know she’s my baby but I really can say that this course is for anybody who wants to learn, improve and play. You’ll look and feel amazing after it. I’m so proud of what she has created to empower us all.