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Izzy Showbizzy

Jeanette is the queen of make up so I knew her courses would represent just how talented she is, and it did not disappoint! The modules are packed for of information and are divided into sections to make it easy to figure out what you’d like to learn that day. The videos are extremely helpful and really detailed. Exactly what you want to perfect the look you are going for. I would recommend the courses to anyone.

Virginia Foley (@upsherises.ie) said about the Polished Course

I recently did one of Jeanette’s Online courses in makeup and I have to say the biggest problem I found with it is that I didn’t get it soon enough! I genuinely wish I got this about 10 years ago because some of the stuff she covers in it  – itis so simple, its so obvious but only when someone points it out to you. So if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or for somebody else this is an absolutely wonderful gift! There are things that I’ve learned from this that I’ll be applying forever. There really is some incredible learning in it so maybe for a niece or a friend or a colleague this would be a wonderful gift to give them. They can do it in their own time, from their home. As I already said, my biggest issue was that I didn’t get it soon enough! 

Sian Horn

Treating myself is not always top of my list but this course reminded me that it really should be. It was not just informative it also gave me options and taught me how to use the techniques and tools that suit me.  I really had forgotten how nice it is to give myself time to apply my makeup. I had honestly got into the rut of throwing it on and running out the door. No longer. I now enjoy getting out my brushes and spending time enhancing all my good bits. Honestly my favourite part was eyebrows and contouring as these just frame you face and a good face really gives you confidence. Thanks Jeanette for not rushing the process and reminding me how fun Make up is. I highly recommend this x

Lorraine Martin

Myself and My daughter did Jeanette’s online course together.

I wanted my daughter to be able to apply makeup to suit her and by learning at such a young age this will be an advantage to her throughout her teens and into her adult life.

We sat together and went through the tutorials and then practiced in each other. Not only did we learn so much from Jeanette but the time we spent together bonding, laughing and I must admit arguing between us on whether it was the correct way or not lol, was so valuable to me as a mother to be able to spend this time with her. She loved every minute of it and her makeup skills are unbelievable for a 14 year old teen.
Thank you, Jeanette