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Tasha Hennessy

My name is Tasha and I’m just going to talk about my experience from my 1:1 makeup lesson with the outstanding Jeanette Cronin nearly a year ago. I have been talking about going to her for ages!! But as time went on I just ended up putting it off and of course “I’ll book her another time” I’m sure a lot of us can relate to this unfortunate attitude lol. So for Christmas my boyfriend booked a full day course for me with Jeanette. The excitement was real!! This day included two full makeup looks of your choice and you also get a very of completion at the end. If you didn’t have any looks in mind and there was something specific that you wanted to work on  whether it be for yourself or on your clients if you are a makeup artist yourself. I myself didn’t have my heart set on any specific look. I told Jeanette what I wanted and needed to work on and we took it from there. All I can say is that you will never “know it all” . Since my training  I’ve changed my technique completely!! My blending has improved so much from just taking in everything from this day. Although I will never be overly confident with my work (Jeanette can absolutely vouch for this for me lol) as I always believe there is room for improvement ! But I’ve also learned to be proud of my work and how far I’ve come, but at the same timeI like to pin-point things from my own makeup looks and see where I can do better next time. I honestly can’t recommend Jeanette enough, she’s the most funniest, bubbliest human ever!! Anyone that follows her will know this, but to meet her in person really is the best. The passion and talent that she has for makeup is an absolute gift from God. She puts so much time, effort and just complete patience into going through every single detail throughout the  whole makeup look. She will ‘repeatedly” explain every flick of the brush and  uses rather “unusual” words to get her point across!! Lol which makes it so much funnier and easier to take in! I had such a great laugh that day with both Jeanete and her stunning model Joanne! I have definitely achieved what I was hoping to from this day course, even on my clients my blending has massively improved. I’m so grateful to Jeanette for this and can’t wait to do her online course as I have enjoyed my last lesson so much and learned loads. For anyone looking to improve their skills, as I’ve said previously whether it be for yourself or your clients I would highly recommend this course with Jeanette! Once you have an interest in makeup, you will not be disappointed. Believe me a lot can be learned as Jeanette explains things so well and you have a cert at the end which is also a  bonus. I will be showing pictures of what my makeup was like before the lesson and what it’s like now and the makeup look the day of the lesson so will be showing that also. I had such a great day with this gem of a lady!

Trish McDonnell

I thoroughly enjoyed Jeanette’s course, would highly recommend. I have done other makeup courses over the years but this one was by far superior, such attention to detail, felt very personal. Jeanette is a friendly, funny and genuine person and a fantastic teacher. 

I love the fact with the online course, you have it to look back on time and time again. Everything is broken down into steps which is such a help. Jeanette explains everything in a simplistic manner which makes the different makeup techniques much easier to grasp. 

Thank you Jeanette for everything, five Star course xx

Hazel White

Hi my name is Hazel and I just wanted to tell you about my experience of doing a course with Jeanette Cronin. I always loved makeup, absolutely adored it! I’d be on Instragram scrolling and I’d see all these looks and I’d say “I’m going to go home and do that now”. I’d get home, throw all the eyeshadow on my eyes, thinking I’d get to that end look and then half way through the night the eyeshadow who be half way down my face! It just never worked. I could never understand how to get to that end result. So training with Jeanette has shown me how to get form Step 1 to the end result. It was absolutely amazing. She just simplifies everything, she really takes acre of you. She fills you with confidence..absolutely fills you with confidence. You learn so so much – so much so that you can look at a look on Instagram now and say “i know exactly where to go with that” and that happens literally as you’re doing the course with her. You learn so much so so fast. She also teaches you the hygiene of everything which is really important even if you’re just doing the makeup course for yourself and your own face – to know how to take care of your brushes. I genuinely can’t recommend her enough – absolutely brilliant! So if you’re thinking that you really want to learn how to do makeup properly Jeanette is your woman. X