The Bridal Party Edition


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This course is based on a Bridal Party so I cover the professional side of being a bridal makeup  artist but really it is for anyone who likes Soft Glam up. I have created 6 simple looks that  ANYONE can do. The girls who modelled for me are normal girls who are part of my Private IG  page for my online students who volunteered their faces. I also use myself on one of the modules  to show you how I did my own wedding makeup and for those who would like to see Mature  Make up I show you how I do my mom’s makeup too. 

With this course I wanted to show you that regardless of our differences in ages, faces shapes,  eye shapes, skin types… you see how all the techniques follow the EXACT same principe every  time which means they can be applied to every face! 

All learners are welcome to join my Private IG Group where I will hold a monthly Live Q&A where  we all catch up with one another. You can use the DM feature to send me your pictures and  videos of your practice as you do your modules so I can give you feedback to help you on your  journey. I get back to all DMs weekly.


What’s included? 

  • 6 hours of video tutorials 
  • Parts 1-4 are done in a masterclass setting where I talk to the camera and the four girls chat too  (so much fun) I brought out a bridesmaid dress that I had and we chose a colour theme to suit  that but all the looks are different to suit the girls personalities and eyes shapes. 
  • Part 5 – I filmed my own bridal bridal makeup on myself taking to camera • One look I filmed on my Mom back for my original course but have added an updated voiceover  as its technique ties into what I did on everyone else. 


What else?  

  • I go through consultations and hygiene practices with all four girls in part 1-4. • Product listings (including discount codes) are included with each video. 


Is there more? Yes!!! 

There’s 63 pages of PDF document with 

  • List of my ENTIRE bridal kit.  
  • Pictures of my actual kit 
  • Why I have chose to have each one in my kit 
  • How I use them and how I organise it allI also go through how to choose products and  techniques for different skin types here too. 

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