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Beauty Therapists

Do you have a beauty qualification?

Do you feel as confident doing makeup as you do in other treatments?

Do you want to TRANSFORM your beauty game and become more CONFIDENT & CAPABLE as an Artist?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Do you want to become the BEST BRIDAL ARTIST you can be?

Do you want to UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY and finally master cut-creases and colour?

Are you confident in your techniques but would still love to try SOMETHING NEW or PERFECT what you know already ?

Have you DREAMED of BECOMING an artist but don’t know where to start?

This is how all artists and beauty professionals have felt at one time or another, including myself! This it’s why I continue to upskill year on year and also why I’ve been teaching almost as long as I’ve been doing make-up.

It’s how we STAY FRESH, RELEVANT, CREATIVE and let’s not forget – IT’S FUN!

Every artist who has come to me to upskill, or who I have trained from scratch has had one of the needs listed above. This is why I created my online courses – to fulfill those needs. Every single one of them! There will be a course pack or an individual module that will scratch that itch for you. It’s basically everything I’ve ever learned (so far) and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Trish McDonnell

I thoroughly enjoyed Jeanette’s course, would highly recommend. I have done other makeup courses over the years but this one was by far superior, such attention to detail, felt very personal. Jeanette is a friendly, funny and genuine person and a fantastic teacher. 

I love the fact with the online course, you have it to look back on time and time again. Everything is broken down into steps which is such a help. Jeanette explains everything in a simplistic manner which makes the different makeup techniques much easier to grasp. 

Thank you Jeanette for everything, five Star course xx

Lisa Alford

Jeanette I just bought the Bridal Module and OMG so amazing! I haven’t done bridal makeup since my ITEC course years ago and the video is over two hours long so I thought ok I’ll get loads of info from this, and then there’s 26 pages of worksheets!!! And then on top of all that there’s another 8 pages of tips for brides. Clearly so much work went into this and I cant wait to start practicing. Can’t wait for payday to try other modules xx

Carolyn Maloney

I have followed Jeanette for years, I adore her style of makeup and have always wanted to train with her. I have started the Pro Package of 12 course modules, and I am blown away. The detail in the videos and worksheets is unbelievable. It’s incredible how much she has packed into each module. Her dedication to her students is heartwarming, and her down to earth style of learning has really made me relax into the modules, I have already taken so much from it, and have started to see an improvement in my applications due to learning her techniques. It has me excited to continue to learn, and had made me fall in love with the makeup industry again!

Louise Convey

Hi Jeanette, 

I just wanted to say your online course is AMAZING. As a Beauty Therapist I’m always interested in learning new things and upskilling, and I have to say your online course is the one stop shop for EVERYTHING there is to know about everything and anything to do with makeup from basic skills to advanced makeup artistry and newest trends. I loved the delivery of the content, it was so well explained and broken down into simple steps to go from zero to the full look. And the product lists are so helpful all the info is there and how you talk through what your doing and why your doing it is so easy to understand and entertaining too. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, useful course. 

Tanya Quigley

I am presently in the middle of doing Jeanette’s 12 module online makeup training. I’ve done a lot of different online course’s the last few months and found I was left disappointed with what was put out there. I will just say now, weather you know absolutely nothing about makeup or you are an artist looking to upskill, improve and learn new techniques this course will NOT disappoint you. Jeanette really has such a unique way of teaching that she explains everything in a very easy to understand way. I felt like I was sitting there with her doing my makeup. Her method of watch, practice and then watch again with the worksheets she provides, really makes all that information stick in your head. You really begin to understand exactly why you do this, this way and why that works that way. There is so much valuable information to go along with the actual videos and worksheets too. Already feel like I’ve improved my skills so much and I’m only half way through. This isn’t just a quick course. This is a very professional course that has been well thought out, there is so much information in this course that it covers absolutely everything. I am so impressed with how this course is laid out. Thanks Jeanette for giving us all the opportunity to learn from you.

What are your options?

‘GLAM’ Modules 1 – 7  €349

Everything from the ground up including wings, soft glam, smokey eyes and all things Bridal. 

‘PRO’ - Modules 1 - 12 €599

If you’re the type of artist who not only wants to be the best bridal artist you can be – you want to be confident creating INSTAGRAM worthy looks with all the colour and all the detail. 

You can upgrade from the Glam to the Pro Pack with the 

“PRO  UPGRADE” 8-12 €250

Individual Course modules €75 each

Pick and Choose what you want to upskill on.

After completing the course you will be competent in the following:

Glam Module 1-7

  • Brows – pencil, gel, soap brows, 3D brows, carving the brow.
  • Skin – for all ages, skin types & coverage. 
  • Creating the perfect finish and understanding texture.
  • Colour Theory for Skin. 
  • Smokey Liner & Soft Glam
  • Lips – matte, glossy, natural and overdrawn.
  • Strip lash application
  • Winged liner for every eye shape.
  • 1950’s Starlet Marilyn Monroe Style Makeup
  • 1960’s Smokey Brigitte Bardot Style Makeup
  • Advanced highlighting and contouring with Creams and Powders.
  • Baking.
  • Bridal Makeup 
  • The Business side of Bridal and how to structure the day itself. 
  • Recommendations for the Bride.
  • Debs/Prom & Bridemaids Makeup
  • Using creams on the eyes
  • Use of pigments and glitters
  • Kit Recommendations & Product Lists
  • Brush Recommendations & Brush Care
  • Correct Hygiene Practices
  • Extensive Worksheets on each module.

Pro Module 1-12 (everything listed above plus..)

  • Mature Makeup/ Mother of the Bride
  • Individual Lash application
  • Client Care, consultaion techniques
  • Advanced BlendingTechniques 
  • Perfecting the Levels of the Blend
  • Perfecting Texture on the Blend
  • Colour Theory for Colourful Eye Looks. 
  • Warmed tones v Cool Tones
  • How to cut the crease on any eye. 
  • How to create perfect texture on the lid
  • How to get all the levels of the blend on the lid 
  • How to use matte shadows on the lid without cracking
  • How to create the perfect sharp spotlight/halo eye
  • How to create 3D lids and how to layer products
  • Rainbow eyes and how to use every colour in the palette
  • How to blend sideways
  • How to use paints on the eye
  • How to perfect the complexion on acne scarred skin